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Emergency Plan

Fritwell-Emergency-Plan-Current Are You Ready A5 Booklet 2017 Alerts and Information Links Business Continuity Planning Fritwell Snow and Ice Plan Current Snow Guide Fritwell flood plan Current Utility Failure Preparing to Evacuate Riparian Ownership Message in a Bottle Hedges and Trees … Continue reading

Your Rights of Way could be lost forever – please help!

In 2026 any historic footpaths/rights of way or ancient lanes that are not on the County Council’s Definitive Maps will be lost forever, that is just over 8 years away! Everyone is encouraged to seek out these routes, they may … Continue reading

Oxfords Artweeks 2018

Artweeks Registration open

Documents for Parish Council Meeting 11th September 2017

Agenda 11.9.17 changes tracked Financial Report for Meeting 11.09.17 Minutes of meeting 11.9.17

Recent Planning Applications

Please see new page under Fritwell Parish Council.