The Parish Council had to find land for an alternative burial ground when the graveyard of St. Olave’s Church could take no more burials. The civil cemetery is sited close to the lych gate of the church.



Rules and Regulations for Fritwell Cemetery

Fritwell Cemetery is a “Lawn Cemetery” which means it has been laid down to lawn, free from kerbing and floral tributes apart from the 2ft at the head of the grave, which includes the headstone.

Admission to the Cemetery

The cemetery is open to the public at all times.

Visitors Health and Safety Regulations

No dogs, other than Assistance Dogs, are allowed in the Cemetery.

No child under 12 years of age will be admitted to the cemetery except under the care of a responsible person. All visitors are requested to stay on defined pathways except whilst visiting graves.

Bicycles must not be ridden in the cemetery.

The Parish Council will exclude from the cemetery at any time any person who in its opinion conducts himself/herself in a noisy, disorderly or unseemly manner. No glass or earthenware jars or vases shall be placed on any grave.

Register of Burials

A register of burials is kept by the Clerk and may be searched on application to the Clerk.

Exclusive Right of Burial

Inhabitants or non-inhabitants of the village may purchase grave spaces, however the charges are trebled for non-inhabitants of the village.

Non-residents must comply with three out of the four following criteria to be able to purchase an exclusive right of burial:

  • have previously lived in the village for at least ten years;
  • has immediate family (either parents or children) currently living in the village;
  • has immediate family (either parents or children) already buried in the churchyard or cemetery;   or
  • have immediate family moving into the village within the next three months.

The Clerk shall determine the selection of grave spaces in accordance with the plan of the cemetery but will nevertheless take into consideration the purchaser’s wishes.

Condition of Graves

All graves shall be left flat. No mounds, plinths or kerbs shall be permitted to be placed on any grave.

As soon as convenient after reinstatement of a grave the whole area will be re-turfed except for an area extending over a depth of 2ft (61cms) from the head of the grave. This area is for the installation of a memorial.

Also the Council will permit, within this area at the head of the grave, the planting of small hardy plants, flowers or miniature rose bushes. No memorial, tree, shrub, plant, jar vase or flower bulbs shall be placed on the turfed area without the express permission of the Parish Council. If permission is granted it will be on the understanding that the grave will be regularly maintained in order that the cemetery remains tidy and well kept.. If this does not happen, permission will be rescinded.

The Council reserves the right to remove any dead or old, dirty artificial flowers which look unkempt and untidy and reinstate any neglected graves.

The Council reserves the right of passage over all graves for purposes connected to the cemetery.

The scattering of ashes on graves is not permitted but arrangements can be made to place ashes under the turf with the consent of the Council.


An application for permission to erect a memorial shall be made to the Clerk. It should contain the dimensions and illustration of the memorial and be accompanied by the correct fee (see below).

  • Memorials must not exceed
    • 90cms h x76cms w x10cms d (including the plinth) for full size adult graves (3ft in height, 2ft 6 inches in width and 3.9 inches in depth)
    • 61cms h x 46cms w x10cms d for a child’s or baby’s grave (2ft in height, 1ft 6ins in width and 3.9inches in depth).
  • The memorial shall be of a type and design appropriate for a rural cemetery (i.e. not a representation of an animal or inanimate object, such as a toy) and must be approved by a majority of the members of the Parish Council.
  • All stone memorials are required to bear the plot reference, in line with cemetery records, for identification purposes.
  • All plants, small rose bushes, flower vases or headstones memorial must be maintained or kept in a state of tidiness or good repair as the case may be by the person planting, erecting or placing the same and in default thereof the Council shall remove or deal with them as they think fit.
  • The Parish Council will not be responsible for any damage or breakages which may occur through adverse weather conditions or vandalism.
  • The placement of benches with memorial plaques will be considered on a case by case basis. Permission must be sought from the Parish Council and design plans submitted for approval. Once a bench has been agreed and is in place, the Parish Council reserves the right to maintain it in a suitable condition and to dispose of it at the end of its useful life.

Removable Items

The Council shall not be responsible for any loss or damage which may occur to removable items placed on any grave during the ground maintenance or due to vandalism


Scale of Charges

Burial…………Double Plot £160, Single Plot £100 (both include exclusive right)

Interment of Cremated Remains………..£50


Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial……..£150 (if not at the time of burial)

Fees are trebled for non residents of Fritwell. It will be at the Council’s discretion if the deceased has sufficient connection to Fritwell to warrant the smaller fees of £160 or £100.

Fritwell Parish Cemetery is fully compliant with current data protection regulations.

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