End of Year Accounts

Annual Accounts Public Inspection Periods

The annual accounts public inspection period will run from July 1st to August 11th Inclusive. All relevant documents can be found on this page.

Annual Accounts Public Inspection period begins


The Notice of Conclusion of Audit for 2016-17 was received on 9th September 2017, together with the External Auditor’s Report, both of which are shown below, together with the audited Annual Return. The amendments to Section 2 are due to the fact that the balances were initially recorded as unreconciled and should have been recorded as reconciled.

To arrange a  viewing, please contact me at 5, East Street, Fritwell, between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm (weekdays only) before 1st October 2017.


Gill Simmonds Clerk / Responsible Finance officer

Accounts 2016-17

Audited Annual Return

Supporting Statement 2016-17 (Asset list)

Explanation of Significant Differences 2016-17

Summary of Electors’ Rights

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2016-17

External Auditor’s Report




Accounts 2015-16

Analysis of Expenditure 2015-16

Supporting Statement 2015 – 16 (Asset list)results-of-audit-2015-16

Accounts 2014-15

Accounts 2013-2014


a) During this year the Council bought 1 litter bin and 3 dog waste bins
b)   Assets disposed of none
c)   As at 31st March 2014 Assets were as follows:
Purchase Value Insurance Value
£ £
Village Green 1 1
Village Pond 1 1
Cemetery 1 1
Bus Shelter 1500 3475
Ride on Mower 2210 2600
Strimmer 340 340
Seat in Bus Shelter 320 320
5 sets Traffic Calming Gates 1073 N/A
4 Grit Bins 640 N/A
2 Grit Spreaders 264 N/A
7 Benches 2450 2450
Bus Shelter 1000 1000
Oxfordshire Millenium Mosaic 1200 1200
Christmas Lights 74 N/A
3 Litter Bins 590 1000
4 Dog Waste Bins 1130 800
2 VAS Signs 4500 4500
17294 17688
Section 137 Payments
The limit for the year ended March 2014 was £3755.
The Council spent £835 (excluding VAT) on the casing for a defibrilator for village use.

Supporting Statement 2013-2014

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