Mid-Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan

The Government’s 2011 Localism Act introduced new rights for Parish Councils, as well as other representative groups, for community led planning via the creation of Neighbourhood Plans. A Neighbourhood Plan for Mid-Cherwell will act as an important stimulus to better decision-making. Cherwell District Council is offering active support for this major initiative, which represents eleven parishes and 17% of the population of the District.

The Plan will address issues such as where any housing development should go, what controls there should be on development, together with transport and traffic, employment, education, health provision, leisure facilities and other issues that affect the local community. All our policies will be based on what the community wants: once we have completed a draft plan, there will be a local Referendum, probably in early 2017. If approved, the Plan will become a statutory document.



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Important date:

There will be an open meeting of the MCNP Forum on Wednesday 17th May 2017 in Steeple Aston Village Hall 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend and to question Forum members about the neighbourhood planning process.


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